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01. General Questions

1. What is Jack’s Point?

Jack’s Point is a 1200 hectare (3000 acre) community located in one of the most spectacular landscapes in the world.  With stunning alpine views in all directions, the community features large expanses of open space, over 35 kms of hiking and biking trails, and a championship golf course regarded as one of the finest in Australasia. While offering an endless range of outdoor pursuits, Jack’s Point is located just 20 minutes from downtown Queenstown and less than 10 minutes from the Frankton commercial precinct and Queenstown International Airport. 

2. What is Jack’s Point Village?

The Jack’s Point Village (the “Village”) occupies roughly fourteen hectares of land on the eastern edge of Lake Tewa, in the heart of the Jack’s Point community.  The Village will offer a high-quality mix of homes, hotels, flexible office space, restaurants, cafes and retail space, and will be an exciting place to live, work and visit. The Village will marry contemporary design with distinctive local materials, and will combine modern amenities with the scale, charm and intimacy of an alpine hamlet. 

3. Are there education facilities proposed for the Village?

The Ministry of Education has been investigating education facilities within the Jack’s Point Zone.  The Ministry have not advised of the location.

4. What is the relationship with Hanley’s Farm and Homestead Bay?

Hanley’s Farm and Homestead Bay are property developments that border Jack’s Point to the north and south, respectively.  Each project is under different ownership and are not related to Jack’s Point. 

5. What zoning rules apply to the Village?

Jack’s Point as a whole (including the Village) has its own special zoning rules, known as the Jack’s Point Resort Zone, within the QLDC District Plan.  The purpose of the Jack’s Point Resort Zone is to provide for residential and visitor accommodation in a high-quality environment, alongside a variety of recreation opportunities and community amenities such as open space, playgrounds and athletic facilities. For more information, please visit: http://www.qldc.govt.nz/assets/OldImages/Files/District_Plan/District_Plan_Volume_1/Section_12__Special_Zones_Resort_Zones__Milbrook_Jack’s_Point_and_Waterfall_Creek/12-02-Resort-RULES-September-2017.pdf

6. Will there be green spaces (preserve or open space) within the Village?

Open space is integral to all of Jack’s Point, including the Village.  The Village will feature pocket parks, lanes and access to Lake Tewa, as well as landscaped green areas.  


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02. Ownership Questions

1. What is the ownership tenure / structure?

All land sold by the Vendor in the Village will be fee simple (i.e. freehold) title.  Strata titles will be permissible (and are anticipated) subject to property owners securing appropriate resource consents from the Queenstown Lakes District Council, and consent of the Developer.

2. What services will be provided to Village lots?

Services such as roading, electricity, gas, water and wastewater will be delivered to the bulk title boundaries within the Village.  Thereafter, the developers of such lots will reticulate services to each individual title. 

3. What is the Jack’s Point Residents & Owners Association?

The Jack’s Point Residents & Owners Association (the “Society”) is similar to a local body in that it manages the delivery of certain services to properties within Jack’s Point and maintains various communal facilities.  All property owners at Jack’s Point, including those in the Village, must become members of the Society.  The Society is a not-for-profit entity; its activities are governed by its constitution, and its budget is set annually by a committee comprised of its members.

On purchasing a property at Jack’s Point, the owner is required to become a member of the Society The Society’s constitution describes the rights of its members, the services to be provided by the Society, and the manner in which properties shall be levied.

4. What will I pay in annual levies?

As described above, levies fund the Society, and are predominately used to maintain communal infrastructure within Jack’s Point.  A separate levy funds a portion of the golf course’s operating expenses. The exact amount of levies you will pay will vary depending on the type of use of your property (residential, commercial, lodging) and the infrastructure demand associated therewith.  

5. Do I pay council rates in addition to my Society levies?

The main function of the Society is to provide services to property owners at Jack’s Point which would otherwise be provided by the Queenstown Lakes District Council.  To the extent that services such as potable water supply and storm water disposal are provided by the Society, there is a reduction in council rates based upon the cost which the council would otherwise have incurred to provide such services.   

6. What is the relationship between Jack’s Point property owners and the golf course?

All residential property owners at Jack’s Point, including the Village, receive the right to play the Jack’s Point Golf Club course at a discounted rate. 

7. Can I get my property maintained/managed?

The Society can refer you to third-party companies that provide services such as cleaning, maintenance and landscaping. 

8. Can my property be rented out?

Properties can be rented for periods longer than 32 days, subject to the policies of the Queenstown Lakes District Council and the Society’s constitution.  Shorter-term accommodation is not generally permitted in residential properties; to the extent that such rentals are allowed, they must be arranged through the Society or its rental management company.  Under its constitution, the Society has the right to form or appoint such a rental management company to handle bookings on commercially standard terms. 

9. What can I build on my site?

Jack’s Point, including the Village, has design guidelines in place to ensure that residential and commercial building in the area is of a high standard.  Such guidelines describe matters such as what building materials can be used, parking requirements and landscaping regulations. These guidelines are in place to protect the long-term value of each owner’s property in the area. 

10. Do I need to have my building design approved?

In order to maintain consistency of quality across Jack’s Point, all building designs must be pre-approved by the Society’s relevant Design Review Board (the “DRB”) before construction begins.  We encourage all property owners to engage with the Society early-on in the design process with any questions

11. How do I know what is going to be built next door to me?

The fundamental purpose of the DRB, and of the general guidelines in place at Jack’s Point, is to provide a degree of certainty that the size and character of future development will be in keeping with current standards.  

12. Can I create unit titles? ­

Unit titles are permissible, subject to securing appropriate resource consent and the consent of the Vendor. 

13. Am I allowed pets?

Yes, pets are encouraged at Jack’s Point. The Society’s bylaws detail the provisions for pet ownership at Jack’s Point. 

14. Will there be sufficient parking facilities for visitors?

All residential properties have to provide sufficient parking internally and externally. In addition, visitor parking facilities will be available for visitors to the Village’s commercial and mixed-use precincts.

15. Will the Village have ultra-fast broadband connectivity?

Yes, the Village will have a high-speed fibre network which will be accessible to all owners and renters at rates and terms set by the private provider.

16. How do I buy a property?

Register your interest with one of our representatives, and we will guide you through the different opportunities available to you. Village land will be sold with a fixed price.  We will provide a standard sale and purchase agreement for your review, which you can use to submit your offer to the Vendor. Settlement will take place upon titles being issued, which we anticipate will take place progressively from Q4 2019 through Q2 2020.

17. How can I find out more?

We are happy to answer any questions you may have, and to provide you with copies of relevant documents such as the design guidelines for the Village, the Society constitution, historical levies, and so forth.  Let us know how we can help.


NOTE: The Society bylaws are subject to change.


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